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    What causes entity.mib traps to be generated?

    jm01 New Member

      As the title suggests I am looking to understand what causes traps to be sent out from the entity.mib. The definition is as follows:


      entityMIBTraps      OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { entityMIB 2 }

      entityMIBTrapPrefix OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { entityMIBTraps 0 }



      entConfigChange NOTIFICATION-TYPE

          STATUS             current


                  "An entConfigChange notification is generated when the value

                  of entLastChangeTime changes. It can be utilized by an NMS

                  to trigger logical/physical entity table maintenance polls.



                  An agent should not generate more than one entConfigChange

                  'notification-event' in a given time interval (five seconds

                  is the suggested default).  A 'notification-event' is the

                  transmission of a single trap or inform PDU to a list of

                  notification destinations.



                  If additional configuration changes occur within the

                  throttling period, then notification-events for these

                  changes should be suppressed by the agent until the current

                  throttling period expires.  At the end of a throttling

                  period, one notification-event should be generated if any

                  configuration changes occurred since the start of the

                  throttling period. In such a case, another throttling period

                  is started right away.



                  An NMS should periodically check the value of

                  entLastChangeTime to detect any missed entConfigChange

                  notification-events, e.g., due to throttling or transmission


         ::= { entityMIBTrapPrefix 1 }


      What I would like to know is what is meant by configuration changes in this case. Is it a configuration change made via the configuration terminal? Just looking to see what causes these traps to be sent out.

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          jm01 New Member

          Ok so I have noticed something. I think that the entity.mid (and subsequently a few other mibs) are part of the enterprise mibs that while are supported by AOS, don't seem to be enabled by default. Here is the list of trap types that I can enable from all Adtran devices that I currently touch:


          RR504_TA908e-0(config)#snmp-server enable traps


          application            - Enable the application set of traps

          bgp                    - Enable the bgp set of traps

          frame-relay            - Enable the frame-relay set of traps

          resource               - Enable the resource utilization set of traps

          snmp                   - Enable the snmp set of traps

          track                  - Enable the track set of traps

          voice                  - Enable the voice set of traps

          vrrp                   - Enable the VRRP v2 and v3 set of traps


          Those are the only options that I have available but in reading a lot of the documentation on setting up SNMP on Adtran devices I should have an option available to enable entity traps as follows:


          (config)#snmp-server enable traps entity


          Whenever I try to run the above though I (obviously since it is not an available option) get an error stating the command is not recognized. What I am left to assume then is that a special license is needed to enable these enterprise traps? I am fairly certain that is the case but if an Adtran representative could chime in and confirm this it would definitely be a huge help as it would save me a lot of time.