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    TA908E PRI - Take B-Channels OOS?

    mccvoip New Member

      I am testing the TA908E with AOS R11.12.0.E for PRI. For troubleshooting purposes and fractional PRI's I am looking for a way to take b-channels out of service or maintenance block mode. We're transitioning from Cisco IAD2432 to Adtran and I want to configure channels 1-24 and then take some channels out of service for a partial PRI. We sometimes get requests to add channels, it is easier to unblock the channels rather than deleting the "tdm-group" and re-creating it as a new range.


      I've tried setting "max-channels 5" in the "isdn-group 1" section and it does show a status message that it is taking 18 b-channels out of service however in my "show int pri 3" appears that the channels are all inactive and none are in maintenance or unallocated status. How do I change the status of individual b-channels (maintenance blocked / out of service).




      interface pri 3

        isdn name-delivery setup

        connect t1 0/3 tdm-group 1

        isdn supplementary-service tbct

        no shutdown


      interface t1 0/3

        fdl none

        tdm-group 1 timeslots 1-24 speed 64

        no shutdown


      isdn-group 1

        max-channels 5

        connect pri 3


      TA908ePRI(config)#isdn-group 1

      Configuring Existing ISDN group "1".

      TA908ePRI(config-isdn-group 1)#max-channels 5

      2016.05.19 11:49:02 TM.T01 0 Taking 18 b-channels out-of-service




      TA908ePRI#show int pri 3

      pri 3 is UP

        Description: PRI TEST

        Alias: PRI 3

        Switch protocol:  National ISDN 2

        Signaling role:  network (NT) b-channel-restarts disabled

        b-channel-restarts:  disabled

        Calling-party override:  disabled

        Calling-party presentation:  allowed

        Calling-party screening:  auto

        Calling-party number:  (no number configured)

        Digits transferred all

        Name-delivery:  via Setup msg / Facility IE

        Progress indicator #8 in alerting message:  enabled

        Progress indicator #2 in connect message:  disabled

        Progress indicator #1 in setup message:  disabled

        Progress indicator #3 in setup message:  disabled

        Progress indicator location:  public

        resource-selection: linear descending

        TBCT:  enabled

        area code: 

        Transmission of redirecting numbers is enabled

        Redirecting numbers: sent as received

        Connected interface: t1 0/3 tdm-group 1

        Channel status 123456789012345678901234


          Legend: - = Unallocated        . = Inactive

                  A = Active B channel   B = Backup D channel

                  D = Active D channel   M = Maintenance

                  R = Restart

        Last clearing of "show interface" counters: never

          10058 packets input, 40215 bytes, 0 no buffer

          0 runts, 0 giants, 0 throttles

          3 input errors, 1 CRC, 1 frame

          1 abort, 0 discards, 0 overruns

          10090 packets output, 40309 bytes, 0 underruns