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    why one way audio when using ringback override 180

    spanky21662 New Member

      Sorry, first ever post.


      Working with an TA904 2nd Gen, recently upgraded to firmware T900G2A-R11-12-0-E.  We have a SIP to PRI config on the 904. Our switch is a Meta.  PBX... I will need to ask for that one..


      From the Meta, we point 5 PORTED Number to the SIP/PRI (904) as DID's... then we have 50 new DID's that we own the NPA/NXX that point to the SIP/PRI (904) as well... With the command "ringback override 180" on the voice trunk T01 type sip,  all works, except that we get one way audio on the 50 DID's that are our NPA/NXX... all works fine for the 5 ported numbers that we send to the SIP/PRI (904) as DIDs...


      As soon as I remove the command, "ringback override 180"... I have two way voice... but now, there is a long silence waiting for someone or voice mail to answer the DID call.


      I attached my 904 config... and again... sorry, first post EVER... so if you need more info... let me know... I will update as soon as I know what the PBX is... I just know it is new PBX for the customer, as we went from an Analog hand off (8 numbers) to a PRI hand off... 5 Ported numbers and 50 new DIDs.