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    No Ringback Outbound Calls

    garabedy New Member

      I have a TA908e that suddenly lost ringback on outbound calls. The unit is connected via SIP to an IPPBX and providing fxs to a PBX. My PBX shows 183 with SDP being sent but it seems to be getting lost in the 908. Looking at the debug logs from the 908 I see what I believe is the issue just not sure why this started happening or how to correct.



      6:26:05.511 SB.CALL 1154 Delivering           Sent preConnect from T01 to 1001

      06:26:05.512 SB.CALL 1154 State change      >> Delivering->PreConnecting

      06:26:05.512 SB.CALL 1154 PreConnecting        ERROR! Dropped deliverResponse routine

      06:26:05.512 SA.1001 Ca:0 Calling              rcvd: preConnect from SB

      06:26:05.512 SA.1001 Ca:0 Calling              State change      >> Calling->Alerting (CAS_Alerting)

      06:26:05.512 SA.1001 Ca:0 Alerting             sent: AcctPhoneMgr_preconnect to PM

      06:26:05.512 PM.0:1 Call Pending         Preconnect handled.

      06:26:05.513 PM.0:1 Call Pending         processed CACHG:Connected

      06:26:05.513 PM.0:1 State change      >> Call Pending->Connected

      06:26:05.513 SA.1001 sent: preConnectResponse(pass) to SB

      06:26:05.513 SA.1001 Ca:0 Alerting             rcvd: AcctPhoneMgr_connect from PM

      06:26:05.513 SB.CCM preConnect: convert answer SDP to sendonly

      06:26:05.514 SB.CCM connect:


      6:26:05.523 MEDIA.MANAGER Setup RTP Channel true for 0/1.1

      06:26:05.523 SB.CCM setupRtpChannel, source 1, silence 0

      06:26:05.523 SB.CCM setupRtpChannel: Received SDP contains sendonly SDP; disabling RTP transmission

      06:26:05.523 SB.CCM setupRtpChannel: setup using media connection


      06:26:05.527 SB.CCM connect: TDM streams: port(FxsPhone 0/1) to port(SipTrunk 0/1.1)

      06:26:05.527 SB.CALL 1154 State change      >> PreConnecting->PreConnected

      06:26:05.528 SB.CALL 1154 PreConnected         Call PreConnecting from 1001 to T01

      06:26:05.528 RTP.CHANNEL fxs 0/1 - Dsp 0/1.1 - RTP: starting

      06:26:05.528 TA.T01 ERROR! preConnectResponse ignored