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    Need to Add Inbound Calls to New Employee's Phone + need PPM access

    tbilly New Member

      I have been trying to locate information for adding a new employee's line to ring when inbound calls come in. The new accountant needs the phone to ring at her desk so she doesn't have to run to answer the neighboring phone 15 feet away. We have a 15 phone system in our office and only 2 phones currently receive inbound calls. Adding the new accountant's phone to receive calls along with the other 2 lines is our goal.


      Also, I am trying to access the 'Personal Phone Manager' web interface with my phone's IP address as directed, but cannot.  I have typed the command " http://<ipaddress>/admin " into my web's browser bar but no luck as I keep receiving a "This site cannot be reached" page. I don't know of any other way to access the Personal Phone Manager so we can modify other settings.


      Please let me know if anyone can help me with these two items. Thanks.