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    Atlas 830 Major ISDN alarm

    michael.barnes New Member

      My log is filled with Major ISDN alarms, about 2 per second continuously.  It's alternating between slot 2 port 2 and slot 1 port 4.  It says BRI LT: SPID xxxxxx21620101 and xxxx21620103 received - NOT IN L.  The number xxxxxx2162 is not assigned in this unit.  Slot 1 port 4 is not assigned.  Slot 2 port 2 is assigned to 2166.  None of the modules show an alarm and I can't find anything that doesn't seem to be working.  This is a remote unit that I have no physical access to, so I can't see any front panel alarms.  This unit has three Octal BRI-U modules and two FXS-8 modules.  Any ideas?




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          patrick Employee

          Hello Michael, and thank you for using the ADTRAN Support Community.


          The event "BRI LT: SPID xxxxxx21620101 - NOT IN L" means the SPID listed was sent to the ATLAS. The full message ends with "NOT IN LIST" meaning the SPID was received, but is not configured on the port it was received on. If you are receiving events for Slot 1 Port 4, then it MUST be in the DIAL PLAN somewhere - either as a USER TERM or a NETWORK TERM, and it is receiving the specified SPID(s). If the port is not configured in the DIAL PLAN it will not display any events in the SYSLOG. So whatever is connected to the port is trying to register the SPIDs the ATLAS is receiving.


          The fact that Slot 2 Port 2 is assigned "2166" would explain why it is giving the above error when it receives the SPID of "xxxxxx21620101". It sounds like you have equipment connected to the wrong ports in the ATLAS, or just mis-configured. Having the wrong SPIDs will not prevent outbound calls, but it will prevent inbound calls from being routed to the BRI port (because the SPIDs must be registered in order to route the call out the BRI interface).


          Hope this helps,