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    jmotroni842 New Member

      I work for Thing 5/Cloud 5, and all of our VoIP systems use Adtran Total Access 924 of various flavors.


      We frequently see this error message on units ranging from 1st Gen 924 running firmware A4.11.0.E to 3rd Gen 924e running firmware R11.4.6 (the latest version tested to work with our configs):

      2016.07.14 10:49:35 OPERATING_SYSTEM.POWER_ROLLOVER ATTENTION -- AC Power has been Restored at 2016.07.14 10:49:35 CDT.

      2016.07.14 10:49:36 OPERATING_SYSTEM.POWER_ROLLOVER ALERT -- AC Power has Failed at 2016.07.14 10:49:36 CDT.


      It will constantly loop these messages, and ignoring them seems to not cause any harm. But they are annoying, and force us to enter 'no events' when troubleshooting issues. Is there any way to remove this message without replacing the unit?