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    DMVPN configuration question

    pebo New Member

      Is there any documentation besides the 'DMVPN in AOS' from 11/15  that shows the configuration on the NHS (Hub router)?  There is nothing about where you assign the GRE address that is needed for multiple 'spokes' to set the NHRP address.  Does anyone actually have this implemented?  I am running version R11.10.3E on 20 NV3458 routers (spokes)  to the HUB NV4430 router.

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          ricvil New Member

          I had this same question last week and opened a ticket.  This is the exact answer I got and was totally disappointed.


          "Currently, our devices are only capable being an NHRP client. A feature request has been put in for us to add the ability to be an NHRP server, but there is not currently a timetable for implementing that feature."


          It baffles me as to why Adtran would even charge extra for enabling DMVPN on most routers if at best it appears to be in Beta stages.  Not being able to have an NHS makes DMVPN useless.  So does Adtran recommend we buy a Cisco router just to have an NHS in the Network?...I guess so.

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              pebo New Member

              That's just wonderful news, NOT!!! 


              I haven't bought any new Adtran equipment for a while and it doesn't look like I will in the future!


              Thanks for the reply.  I marked it HELPFUL because that is not a CORRECT Answer in anyone's world.