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    turn off automous messages

    harleystack New Member

      Can i turn off the autonomous messages for the duration of my ssh or telnet session without turning this off for other users?




      ADTRAN, Inc. OS version R10.3.2.E

        Mainline Version: ENM.12.023

        Checksum: 9560357B

        Built on: Mon Nov 12 17:19:50 2012

        Upgrade key: 9c1461eafe1c975932d95e3399569d1b

      Boot ROM version 14.05.00.SA

        Checksum: F343

        Built on: Thu Jun 21 13:58:08 2007

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      Platform: Total Access 908e (2nd Gen), part number 4242908L5

      Serial number CFG1118538

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