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    Total Access 908 : Voice Trunk Type SIP : SIP Server w/ outbound proxy

    cfrass66 New Member

      voice trunk T02 type sip

        description "SIP Trunk 2 to Broadsoft through SBC"

        sip-server primary sbc.example.com

        registrar primary sbc.example.com

        registrar threshold absolute 30

        registrar max-concurrent-reg 1

        outbound-proxy primary

        domain "sbc.example.com"

        register 5161234567 auth-name "5161234567" password encrypted XXXXXXXXX


      Here is my sample configuration (edits for company sensitive information).


      What I have observed during my debugging is that there is some logic that attempts to resolve the SIP-SERVER PRIMARY hostname. And in my scenario the hostname is not resolvable which is common from time to time. How can I disable that logic and have the unit just utilize the outbound proxy for all it's signaling.


      Here is the error i see in the voice verbose debug output:

      adtran ERROR! Could not resolve SIP server after resolving outbound-proxy

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          jayh Hall_of_Fame

          You can add a static hostname as follows in global config mode:


          host sbc.example.com <IP address>




          host sbc.example.com


          One caution: In many redundancy scenarios, a special DNS entry called an "SRV record" is used to resolve names used for specific services such as SIP. This entry is more than a hostname to IP mapping. It provides for failover and load balancing. If in your case "sbc.example.com" resolves to a single IP then this won't be an issue.


          The ideal situation would be to fix whatever is broken with DNS.