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    IP 706 dial pad not dialing correct number

    fheckman New Member

      I have a customer with an IP-706 phone that started today to dial wrong numbers.  Basically, when pressing 0 (zero) the digit 5 (five) is actually dialed.  All other digit buttons work.  I have been given no explanation that anything has happened to the phone.  We are connected to a 7100 and no other phones are having this issue and we have been on the same firmware for sometime and it has been stable.  I have tried rebooting the phone and that has not corrected the issue.

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          yredovich New Member

          Sounds like a problem with the phone's hardware. I'm curious whether the digits * and # are also affected, since they all use the same DTMF low tone component.


          If the phone is under warranty, I would contact Adtran Support.

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            jayh Hall_of_Fame

            Is this only when interacting with an IVR or similar on a connected call, or does it also affect actually placing a SIP call? If it affects placing a SIP call, I concur that it's likely a hardware issue. If calls consistently complete to the correct number but only interacting with an IVR once the call is set up is broken, it could be something in the DTMF handling on the call path, such as RFC2833 vs. inband and/or the codec.