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    How to shut down a T-1 port on Atlas 800?

    jayh Hall_of_Fame

      I have an Atlas 800 with several quad-T1 modules. We have two T1s in a module that are not in use. I would like to administratively disable these ports so that they stop generating alarms similar to the AOS "shutdown" command but can find nothing like this in the Modules menu other than marking the entire module offline.


      Is there a way to admistratively shut down a single T-1 interface within a module?

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          patrick Employee

          If the T1 ports are not configured under the DIAL PLAN or in the DEDICATED MAP then they should not generate alarm reports in the EVENT LOG or via SNMP. If you look at the ALARM STATUS for the module, they will show an active LOS alarm, but this shouldn't generate a report anywhere else. There is no way to turn off displaying the LOS under the ALARM STATUS of the module, other than plugging a T1 loopback plug into the port. The T1 ports always generate a T1 signal, whether they are configured under the DIAL PLAN or DEDICATED MAP or not, and always display if a signal is received (again, only under the ALARM STATUS for the module).


          If you are seeing Alarms reported for these ports under the EVENT STATUS then the ports are configured under either the DIAL PLAN or the DEDICATED MAP.


          Hope this helps,