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    Service provider PRI to Adtran 908e to Asterisk via SIP

    krv New Member

      Hello everyone,


      I work for a small company, and currently we are using a analog phone system (Nortel). In the coming months we plan on switching to a PRI and a onsite Asterisk box.

      I have zero experience with Adtran devices, and a decent amount of experience with asterisk. I have been working with an asterisk system I built up from scratch here in the office. I have internet-based SIP trunks working just fine for incoming/outgoing calls.


      Our service provider states they will be providing us with an Adtran 908e 2nd or 3rd gen along with the PRI.


      My assumption is that I can create a SIP trunk on the 908e, in which my asterisk system can connect to, and it should work just the same as the Internet-based SIP trunks I already have working with Asterisk. I also assume that with theis setup, I will not need any sort of Digium PRI card inside the asterisk box.


      I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction on how this sort if setup is typically configured, and information on any echo cancellation issues I may experience without the Digium card, so I can plan accordingly.



      Thank you in advance.

      - Kyle