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    908 Fails when updating firmware? Page reloads?

    southtel New Member

      I am trying to update the firmware on a Gen 2 908 for 4.11. I have tried two newer versions but both fail and my browser closes automatically.

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          jayh Hall_of_Fame

          4.11 doesn't seem to be a valid file for the TA900 Gen 2. Those releases are of the form T900G2A-R1n-n-n-E.biz . Unless you need some extremely recent feature, I'd go with T900G2A-R11-10-6-E.biz as it is extended maintenance and will be supported through the end of next year. Older firmware isn't supported which can make for a frustrating experience when you need help from Adtran. Even if it isn't a firmware issue they'll tell you to upgrade to a newer version before they will help you.


          Make sure there's room on the flash for it and that the file is valid for that platform. The browser closing could be a bug in the browser or computer. Try a different browser or use tftp.


          Also read the release notes. If it's a very early unit you may need to update the bootflash before it will run recent firmware.