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    Star Codes not working on Adtran TA908

    tullahomafiber New Member

      Customer had their IT people swap out their phones and equipment on their half PRI and pots lines. Before the change out, they were able to use *72 just fine to forward their pots line to an answering service. After the equipment change out, they called us with some issues calling out. After making a few workaround changes on the Adtran, it worked just fine. They were unable to call 911 and had to make an entry for that too. Now, when they try to dial *72 to invoke call forwarding, they get an error message that the number cannot be completed as dialed. Tech tried directly off of the punch down block and are still getting an error message that the call cannot be completed as dialed. Is there something I am missing that will allow the star codes to pass through to the switch? Attached is the current configuration.