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    NV4430 with separate DHCP server - multiple vlans

    dodgeram New Member

      I have a Linux CMS server with an IP of that sits on vlan 41. I need it to be able to pass DHCP over to vlan 2001. I am unable to use the Adtran built-in DHCP for multiple reasons. Below is part of my config, which does not accomplish what I need:



      NV4430 config:


      interface gigabit-eth 0/2.41

        vlan-id 41

        ip address

        ip access-policy Private

        no shutdown

      interface gigabit-eth 0/2.2001

        vlan-id 2001

        ip address

        ip dhcp relay destination

        ip access-policy Private

        no shutdown



      Linux server config:


      "dhcpd.conf" 34L, 1064C written

      [root@cmsserver etc]#

      [root@cmsserver etc]#

      [root@cmsserver etc]#

      [root@cmsserver etc]# cat dhcpd.conf


      ddns-update-style none;

      allow bootp;

      option space CALIX-ONT-SERVER;

      option CALIX-ONT-SERVER.cms-address code 1 = ip-address; option CALIX-ONT-SERVER.second-tftp-address code 2 = ip-address; option CALIX-ONT-SERVER.syslog-address code 4 = ip-address; option CALIX-ONT-SERVER.force-firmware code 200 = boolean; option CALIX-ONT-SERVER.validateMIC code 3 = boolean;


      # AE-ONT Management Network


      class "CalixONT" {

      match if substring (hardware,1,3) = 00:06:31 or (substring (hardware,1,3)=ec:XX:XX } shared-network ontmgmt { subnet netmask {

      max-lease-time 3600;

      default-lease-time 3600;


              pool {

      #        allow members of "CalixONT";

              option tftp-server-name "";

              option routers;

      vendor-option-space CALIX-ONT-SERVER;

              option CALIX-ONT-SERVER.validateMIC off;

              option CALIX-ONT-SERVER.cms-address;

              option CALIX-ONT-SERVER.syslog-address;






      [root@cmsserver etc]#