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    Changing directory names

    trod63 New Member


      We have the Adtran IP712 phones in our factility.  Managers have changed and I need to know how to change their names on the directory.  Thank you for your help with this matter.

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          jay Employee

          Theresa, please reference this guide and let me know if it doesn't have the information you need:


          Updating the Global Phone Directory in the NetVanta 7000 Series Products



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            almatech New Member

            I Have had the same problem. I was not able to see the directory change after executing all of the steps outlined in this post and previous posts too. I updated the directories and rebooted phones countless times. I ran the command in CLI to verify the name was correct. But still the old name remained on the directory. Feeling frustrated, I was searching through each page and found;

            Applications-Status Groups-View/Delete Status Groups-Status Group Members.

            It was there that I found the old user name I was trying to change, still hung up in the list. Click and change the old name to the new name and, Bam! The Directory changed immediately. Not sure what the hang-up was, but this solved my problem and the new name now displays on the directory.


            Check it out!