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    Phones failing to register behind Transparent Proxy

    abvtel New Member

      Product: Adtran 924eG3 w/LFXO

      Firmware: ADTRAN, Inc. OS version R12.2.0.SA.E


      Running into an issue where the phones behind the Transparent SIP Proxy are refusing to register correctly. If the phone is connected behind another Vendor's router/firewall they work fine. The phones are registering to a metaswitch installation.


      Seeing this in the logs:

      12:42:34.517 SIP.PROXY ROUTING Modify response for proxy

      12:42:34.517 SIP.PROXY ROUTING ERROR! Failed to set local address.

      12:42:34.517 SIP.PROXY ROUTING ERROR! proxyResponseAsServer failed.

      12:42:34.518 SIP.PROXY ROUTING ERROR! proxyResponse failed.


      I can ping the SBC from the Adtran unit and can set up the FXS ports to register without issue.


      I have several of these out in the field with a very similar config that are working fine.

      Extremely puzzled as to why this one isn't working.

      Attached is a sanitized copy of the configuration and logs.


      Any ideas?