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    Adtran IP 706 Dial Plan

    ozzman47274 New Member

      I am using an Adtran 706 with a FreePBX Voip server. I can call the phone from any of my other phones and the phone rings and functions as it should. However when trying to call any extension from the phone I can't get it to dial out. I for example try to dial extension 705. When I press the speakerphone button I get a dial tone and dial 705, the phone just sits there. I try from no dial tone. I type in the extension I want to call in this case 705. I press the dial soft key. Now the phone shortens the number I just typed to 7. And again I am left sitting waiting.


      I have tried to change my dial plan settings from the web interface with no luck. I know the phone is working with PBX because it is able to receive calls just fine.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated here. Thank you much


      A look at my current Dial plan settings.