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    TA5K--Trouble with Combo VDSL2 cards losing battery on FXS

    fish1102 New Member

      Anyone else having this issue with their TA5K's loaded with Combo VDSL cards (Part # 1187120L1).  I was first told that it was due to a few bad revision cards (Revision R and P) but now after they have all been replaced with supposedly good revision cards,  I am still having the issue.  It is random and not card specific.  The DSL will continue to work on the specific port but the port will not put out the required voltage for RPOTS(FXS) to work.  I have tried toggling the FXS setting from IS to OOS-UAS and back with the same result.  Am I missing something? Is there another setting that can be toggled to bring back the battery (voltage) or is the port just bad?