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    configure adtran IP 706 with a Hosted PBX

    ams New Member

      I was wondering what am I missing to make an IP 706 work with my HPBX provider?

      do adtran phones actually work with other PBXs than adtran ?

      sip wise, i only need server IP , username and password .. where exactly should I enter these info?

      tried line and sip  no gosettings ...

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          jay Employee

          Ahmed, those phones are not technically designed to work with other PBXs, but you may be able to get it to work. Any information on provisioning will be located here:


          IP 700 Series Admin Guide (version 2.1.0 and above)





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            sighilldude New Member

            The Adtran 706 does work with hosted SIP services.  As with all standards, there is some flexibility in the standard that translates to configuration for one manufacturer not exactly matching every other.  In my first attempts with the 706 to Fongo, I set up the Registration server as described in the Administrator Manual. The phone was great for incoming calls but was not able to dial out (fast busy response from phone).


            The issue is that in some vendors, Proxyserver and Registrationserver are interchangeable.  Not with Adtran.  If I use ProxyServer, the phone does not register/authenticate with the hosted service.  If I use Registrationserver, it connects but is not able to dial out. The answer is that I need both.


            RegServer.0.Address.1          --- this can be IP as shown or FQDN

            ProxyServer.0.Address.1       --- same as RegServer


            The 706 supports server groups 0-5 while the 712 supports groups 0-11.  This appears to allow individual configuration for each of the multiple lines.  I can not see how to change the SIPUDPPort individually by server though.  This is not a problem if all servers use the same port but in my case, the alternate server uses an alternate UDP port for SIP for ISPs that block port 5060. 


            Other configuration options will increase the robustness with alternates, secondaries, etc.


            If you are using a hosted SIP service, you will have a username and password that need to be programmed. 


            Reg.0.AuthUserId   username

            Reg.0.AuthPassword password


            Change the 0 for each of the lines being defined and then map the lines to the buttons.