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    Hix5625 replace cxu card

    svekje New Member

      Need to replace an CXU card in one of our Hix5625, testet in lab but when inserting the cxu into another chassis, I got this error, and the cxu resetting to factory defaults:

      startup.rct: /etc/startup.rct: MAC-address of shelf/backup: 000fbbxxxxxx/000fbbxxxxxx

      startup.rct: /etc/startup.rct: backup does not belong to shelf (backup-MAC=000fbbxxxxxx, shelf-MAC=000fbbxxxxxx)

      system: ................


      startup.rct: /etc/startup.rct: reset due to configuration-shelf mismatch


      The running cxu which needs to be replaced are faulty so I wont risk inserting the cxu into a redundant slot and let the redunancy fix the config.

      Any tips on how to work-around this issues? I hoped not to replace the whole chassis.


      Kind regards