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    Adtran 908e incoming calls intermittently getting busy signals.

    jsuazo New Member

      I have a 908e with FXS 0/1-4 connected to the analog trunks of an AVAYA IPO 500V2. When I call any of my 4 SIP DIDs I intermittently get no-ring and a busy signal (it does occasionally pick up just fine). The AVAYA system shows that the line has been answered and has been handed off to the auto attendant. Eventually the auto attendant times out and the call is handed off to a hunt group. When the user picks up the line disconnects. This whole time the call through the Adtran has a busy signal.


      Any ideas as to why this is happening?


      I have attached the debug output from the Adtran using the following commands:


      debug sip stack messages

      debug voice verbose

      debug interface fxs