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    Licensing on TA9xx-E gen2?

    cidgcn002 New Member

      Neither the web interface's System -> Licensing tab nor the CLI "license request key generate" command seem to exist... so how does one do that on these boxes?

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          jayh Hall_of_Fame

          You contact your Adtran distributor, give them the serial number of your device, and pay for the license. About two weeks later you receive a box. Inside the box is an envelope. In the envelope is a piece of paper with the license key.


          If you want it in one week instead of two you can pay extra for expedited shipping.


          I heard about a fellow by the name of Sam Morse who was working on a means to send messages instantaneously over long distances, but until then the pony express is your only choice.


          Implementation of RFC1149 would be another option that should be considered.