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    Port Forwarding issue NetVanta 3448

    clr New Member

      Hi all!


      So previously I was dealing with simple routers to where I just set up port forwarding IP/ and save. All within 2 minutes.


      With NetVanta 3448 I had to watch 16 min tutorial video. Then I've tried to replicate same settings. I basically need reroute public ip call to one of my PCs inside the network.


      When everything saved and I try to access public IP - i get router login page.


      When I'm doing that on my phone with LTE connection - i get message. (My public IP) took too long to respond. I was trying to set it up for my website. Then I've tried to port forward to my printer. Same result.


      My settings are on screenshot.




      What I've noticed, is that when I was trying to connect, I saw this:



      Thanks for helping me out!