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    How to get TA-908e to respond to OPTIONS request

    sharpy New Member



      We have a TA-908e successfully registered to a Genband SBC.

      The Genband sends an OPTIONS packet as a Qualify (keep-alive).

      We need the TA to respond with a 200/OK. Right now it is not responding with anything.

      Is there a configuration we could perform to make it respond?





      Genband OPTIONS request:

      20:47:04.569 SIP.MSG OPTIONS REQ RX ta-908e ta-908e

      OPTIONS sip:ta-908e@ SIP/2.0

      From: "ta-908e"<sip:ta-908e@>;tag=3716916426-586458

      To: "ta-908e"<sip:ta-908e@>

      Call-ID: 761339-3716916426-586447@mysbc@mydomain.net

      CSeq: 1 OPTIONS

      Max-Forwards: 19


      Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bKe38d01a50d8a4fefc024e45252d92d61

      Contact: <sip:ta-908e@>

      Content-Length: 0