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    Occasionnal phone number blocking issue on PRI using *67 with TA924e

    papa_hicham_adnane New Member


      We have a Customer who has a PRI with the TA924e. He is trying to block his phone number occasionnaly with the *67 function on his outgoing calls but it does not work. The call is sent on the Q931 Setup correctly as follows:

      IE - 6C CALLING PARTY # Len=2

             00 Numb. Type: UNKNOWN

                  Numb. Plan: UNKNOWN

             A1 Presentation: RESTRICTED

                  Screening: NTWK SCRN PASS



      However the TA924e does not send the P-Asserted-ID and the Privacy ID with the INVITE to the C20 Switch of our core network. So, this switch allows the send the main DN instead.


      Is there any way to force the TA924e to send the two fields P-Asserted-ID and the Privacy-ID with the INVITE message?