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    mobile device connectivity issues

    briangonyer New Member

      Is anyone aware of issues with Apple IOS and some Android mobile devices connecting to 2030 or 3040 BSAP's? (I think it may be happening with 19xx series also*) Users will attempt to connect with a iPhone or other IOS device to our secure 802.1x wpa2 network and get error messages that the password and username is incorrect, other times it may connect only to periodically disconnect itself and start over with the same messages with invalid user/pass, if I reboot the BSAP it seems to solve the issue for a while until the user has problems connecting again..


      Using vWLAN 3-0-1 with patch  3.0.1-p06, Version: 3-0-1-641375 and firmware 3.0.1-HB-646847

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          adt765 New Member

          We experienced the same issue most notably on iOS devices using 802.1x wpa2 and the same version of vWLAN. I am mostly working around this by scheduling an early morning reboot of the ap's but this is a very disruptive issue. I upgraded to vWLAN 3.1.0 a few weeks ago and am not sure if the issue still exists as I am still using the ap's reboots.

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            evanh Employee



            I would recommend opening a ticket with our support team on this issue. I do know one specific case that can cause this:


            If you have a backup RADIUS server configured that is not working properly (or is inactive) and an AP loses connection to the primary, it will fail over. In this case, the failover will cause clients to be unable to connect because the backup RADIUS server is not functioning. Currently there isn't a mechanism to fail back over to the primary RADIUS server again until an AP reboots (hence why rebooting the AP resolves the issue). You can figure this out by checking a backup RADIUS server's logs to see if it is denying users or you can remove your secondary RADIUS server configuration.


            Otherwise we should be able to investigate and tell you what is going on.


            Open a ticket at www.adtran.com/openacase or call 888-423-8726. Have a serial number with active ProCare coverage ready.



            Evan Hudson

            ADTRAN Product Support Engineer

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              adt765 New Member

              I have not contacted support yet as we have been tied up with a major project. Just curious anyone has found a solution or workaround for this issue? It appears we are still running into this issue at our site. Thanks!