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    Adtran 908E

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      I am configuring an Adtran 908e for a SIP to PRI and 4 POTS lines. We also are the Softswitch service provider. I have the SIP trunk working the way we need and POTS lines working through the SIP trunk but I have a question. I want to POTS to put out there own CID and all I can get is the SIP trunk ID. How can I do this or can I have the POTS lines authenticate directly to our swutch around the SIP trunk.

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          jayh Hall_of_Fame

          To have the POTS users authenticate individually, create another voice trunk on the TA908E pointing to your softswitch in addition to the one for the PRIs (where presumably the trunk itself registers and authenticates). For example trunk T03:


          voice trunk T03 type sip

            description "fxs user trunk"

            sip-server primary softswitch.example.com


          On the voice users connected to the FXS ports, configure each to register individually.


          voice user 3115552368

            connect fxs 0/1

            first-name "Joe"

            last-name "Blow"

            caller-id-override external-number 3115552368

            sip-identity 3115552368 T03 register auth-name "sip-auth-2368" password "itsasecret"


          If you're OK with having the voice users authenticate via the existing trunk and you just need to fix up their CLID, then leave everything as-is and just add:


          caller-id-override external-number 3115552368


          or similar to each voice user.