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    Can the Netvanta support L2TP for creating a Layer 2 tunnel across a MPLS network?

    wmcfarlin New Member

      I have a MPLS network that I want to hide.  My idea would be to have the Adtran create a L2TP tunnel back to a Cisco ASR903 that makes my site router appear as if it is layer 2 attached to a Host router.  I do not want the Site Router to participate in any routing protocols in the MPLS cloud.  I typically deploy VPLS for Layer 2 connectivity but in this instance my WAN connections are nxDS1's, which I am told does not support VPLS.  I tried to use GRE tunnels between the Adtran and the ASR903 but that still requires me to route between the Adtran and my site router, which exposes the Adtran that I want to make transparent.