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    reset TA 904 to factory defaults

    mario New Member

      recently purchased a TA 904 from a third party. How do I reset to factory defaults?

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          jayh Hall_of_Fame

          The default configuration isn't stored on the device, so it isn't trivial to get it to factory defaults. It's a three-step process. Access the unit, erase the old configuration, and upload the default file.


          1. Access the unit without a password:

          • Connect a terminal emulator to the console port, set to 9600 baud, N,8,1.
          • Power-cycle the unit and hit the ESCAPE key when it starts to boot. You may have to do this a few times at about one-second intervals.  The router should come up in bootstrap mode.
          • Type bypass passwords and hit ENTER.
          • Type boot and hit ENTER.
          • Wait for the unit to boot.
          • Type enable and hit ENTER. You won't need a password. You're now logged in with the old configuration.


          2. Erase the old configuration:

          • Type erase startup-config and hit ENTER.
          • Answer Y to confirm.
          • Type  reloadto restart the unit.
          • Answer N to saving the configuration.
          • The unit will reboot with no configuration.


          3. Load the factory default configuration:

          • Download the default configuration from https://supportforums.adtran.com/docs/DOC-5917
          • Unzip the file and save the resulting text file to your clipboard.
          • When the unit boots, type enable and hit ENTER.
          • Type config t at the prompt.
          • Paste the default text file into the terminal window.
          • Type Ctrl-Z to exit the configuration mode.
          • Type wr mem to save it to memory.


          That's it. You can reboot now, or just start entering your own configuration.

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            geo Employee

            Hello Mario,


            I am going to mark this as correct.  Be sure to let us know if you have any more questions.




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              mario New Member

              That is the answer I was looking for! Thanks for the help.