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    What is the SNMP OID for Line Status on a ISDN BRI DBU?

    mbwallace New Member

      I am hoping someone has an answer for this.


      We have a few T1 circuits that are backed up by an ISDN BRI DBU. I would like to use our network manager software to monitor the line status of the BRI. Specifically, I want to know if the line is down, ready, or connected. This is different from the 'interface status.' The interface status is 'up' whether the line status is ready or connected.


      I have downloaded the Adtran Netvanta MIBs and have done an OID walk of our Adtran routers, but I can't seem to find the line status of the BRIs. Is there a separate or different MIB or OID interface that I am missing or name that would not be obvious to look for to find that status?


      Thanks in advance,