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    Can I change outbound ani on pri from 4 digit to 10 digit?

    hereoze New Member

      I've attempted to manipulate the outbound ani originating from a user interface PRI and terminating out a Network interface PRI and I get no success.  The selections are send as provided, substitute if not present and substitute always.  Also I was assuming that it must be set on the NETWORK Interface. where the outbound call is executed.  Is this correct? In my PBX there is no way to send a "not present" ani and most of my calls ani out correctly, but those devices that initiate an outbound call, which do not have the ability to set a public number, must always send a 3-6 digit extension as the ani and NOT a full e.164 number.  Please advise.

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          patrick Employee

          The ATLAS does allow for both DNIS and/or ANI "manipulation", in both the NETWORK TERM and USER TERM of the DIAL PLAN. This substitution takes place on the egress interface, not ingress.

          So under the DIAL PLAN and either NETWORK or USER TERM, just past the IFCE CONFIG is SUBSTITUTION TEMPLATE. If you don't want to make any change to the DNIS, you should put "$" as both the "DNIS Orig #" and the "DNIS Subst #" then go into the "ANI Subs".

          In here you can put the "ANI Orig #" as "XXXX" and the "ANI Subst #" with the desired Area Code and Exchange (i.e. "256-963-XXXX")


          Hope this answers your question,