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    Can Adtran pass all dial plan to the PBX?

    acoolov New Member

      I'm trying to understand why would I need another dial plan in the adtran when I already have it set up in my FreePBX?


      How can I make it so my Adtran simply passes everything to the PBX? I don't need any more dial plans somewhere else.

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          patrick Employee

          The dial plan in the AOS is primarily only used when the ADTRAN is receiving the DTMF tones of the dialed number: like on an FXS port or an RBS T1. The dial plan is needed so the ADTRAN knows when the last digit is received and it can then process the call. Otherwise there is a default delay of 4 seconds while the ADTRAN waits to see if another digit will be dialed.


          The dial plan isn't needed with SIP or PRI, only where the ADTRAN receives the DTMF digits for the number being dialed, and then has to determine if any more digits are expected. If there is no dial plan there will still only be a 4 second delay before a timeout and the call is processed.


          Hope this helps,


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              acoolov New Member

              Hey Patric,


              I was able to make Adtran pass all digits to the PBX with the 4 seconds delay, that's what I prefer.


              I can finally dial all the feature codes of the PBX like voicemail, wake up calls, etc that didn't work before.


              But when I dial a long distance number (my cell) it says The call cannot be completed as dialed.


              That answer is by my PBX, as if not all digits of that number went through? My pbx is configured to accept the number. Long distance works great using an IP phone and an extension configured just like the Adtran extension. Why would PBX not pass through the Adtran long distance call?