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    fully document the Dial Plan "as is"

    ciscodave New Member

      I have inherited an Atlas 890 that seems to have quite an extensive dial plan section including a variety of different called digits transferred and substitution templates. I have a need to fully document the way the dial plan is configured in either a text file, spreadsheet, or diagram. I am trying to determine if there is any way to just kind of "dump" the full dial plan in a way that would aid this work, otherwise I am left to try and reverse engineer the intent of the original admin who set this up. I did see there was a way to back up the config to a TFTP server (which I did), but it appears most of the file is not human readable. Any suggestions??

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          patrick Employee

          I'm afraid there's not a "good" solution for you. The ATLAS configuration is a binary file and not CLI.


          Personally, I would use a spreadsheet and use the same headings as are in the DIAL PLAN (i.e. SLOT/SVC   PORT/PEP  SIG  IN#ACCEPT  OUT#REJ  IFCE_CONFIG   SUBST_TEMPL)

          From there you can fill in each cell - the IFCE CONFIG and SUBST TEMPL could be complicated, but I don't have any other suggestions.