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    Static Route PPPoE Administrative Metric ignored? etc.

    mmmttt New Member

      I have a 2nd gen 908e running version R11.4.5.E


      I have eth 0/1 connected to Optimum Online static IP. This is my primary link.

      I have eth 0/2 cross connected with ppp 1 to a WISP (dynamic IP). This is my failover link


      I had the following routes set:


      ip route 75.x.x.x 5 track Failover

      ip route ppp 1 10


      with the failover link disconnected I could sh ip route and get this:


      S [5/1/0] via 75.x.x.x, eth 0/1


      However, once I connected eth 0/2, sh ip route gave me:


      S [1/1/0] via, ppp 1


      I finally got this working by removing the AD 5 from the 1st default route, but it only resolved after a reboot.


      Here are my questions:


      1. In the show ip route results, what do the numbers in brackets represent? I'm assuming the first is AD, then metric what's the third?

      2. why does ppp ignore my assigned administrative distance?

      3. If the router has 2 default routes set at the same AD how does it choose which to use? Does it simply take the first one? Is that why I needed the reboot?


      Any info explaining all this would be most appreciated. If there's a document/manual explaining this well, even better.


      Thank you in advance!

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          mmmttt New Member

          I got some answers from Adtran support.


          1. The third number is a metric as well for certain protocols that use more than 1.


          2. Not sure why it can't be done in a route statement, but the administrative distance needs to be applied on the interface IP address setup. So, for my setup...


          interface ppp 1

            ip address negotiated 10


          3. Still not sure about 3.