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    Creating a Twoway Hotline - RBS to SIP

    dryaquaman New Member

      I have a TA-904 Gen 2.
      What I'm trying to figure out is how to create a two-way hotline from RBS DS0s to a Freeswitch PBX.

      The DS0 will be immediate start.

      I will not be receiving digits from the far end of the T1.

      When each channel goes off hook, it needs to ring down to a unique number on a SIP connected PBX.


      In reverse of that, when a SIP phone connected to the PBX goes off hook, it needs to send digits across the SIP trunk to the TA-904 to access a specific DSO.

      We need to absorb all digits so that no DTMF is sent to the far end.


      In hacking away at the system for a while, I'm still not sure if that is doable?

      It's something we do all the time but with another PBX in between to handle all the trunk access.

      I'd like to do it with just the Adtran.


      Is this doable?