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    Can't ping/tracert from local subnet to remote over pt-pt

    tomfnci New Member

      After being told to segment VoIP services onto a separate subnet, installed two 3305s conencted via pt-pt ppp circuit, one main and other warehouse. Can ping/tracert from warehouse to main, but not main subnet to warehouse.  However, ping/tracert between routers works in both directions.  Main eth0/1 is configured with two ip addresses (corporate subnet) and "secondary" (VoIP subnet).  Not using eth0/2 on the main 3305, and maybe this adds to the problem. The test PC has two NICs, and, and communicates to both VoIP and internet, respectively.


      Should the same split occur on the router as the PC, i.e., use both interfaces instead of just eth0/1?  Here's the route table:


      I'm missing something, and need new eyes on the problem.  Thanks in advance for any and all assistance.