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    BlueSocket Aps with Mac Computers

    pjones0033 New Member

      I have recently deployed BlueSocket APs on a customer prem.  They are an exclusive Mac user office.  It appears that after a random amount of time they just stop being able to connect to the internet.  We are unable to ping to the gateway from the Computers and vWLAN still shows it as an active client. ANother tecnician and myself are running Windows PCs and have had no problems. Has anyone else run into this problem? Below is our layout,  I can give you anymore details you may need


      1 Netvanta 3140 Router/Firewall

      1 1531P Switch

      2 BSAP 2020 aps (firmware 3.2.0-HA-65047)

      1 BSAP 2030 aps (firmware 3.2.0-HA-65047)

      vWlan version 3.2.0.HA Build 650478


      Dual SSIDS Customer network and a "guest" network.