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    ADTRAN 830 not releasing calls / combining calls

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      I am currently using an 830 populated with t1/pri 4 port cards.  Our set up uses analog 24 port RHINO channel banks on the user side and AT&T voice pri's on the network side. Network side setting are correct as far as AT&T is concerned ( switch type 4E, Netspec AT&T SDN, etc ).  The user side RHINO's auto configs to what ever I dictate in the Adtran which is currently set up for E&M immediate.   Line coding and signalling for all ports are B8ZS ESF.  We only make outbound calls. The phones are standard analog push button 2500 sets.  My issues are as follows, number 2 being the most concerning...


      • occasionally we will have callers on the user side unable to release a call that completed over one of the PRI channels on the network side. The call remains "pinned up" until I drop the D channel on the pri by either deleting and recreating the entry under "network" or simply changing the switch type to something other and than changing it back.
      • The other occasional oddity is that the user side can disconnect the active call, receive dial tone and make another call, however, the prior customer they just called doesn't disconnect and can hear the entire conversation of the new call plus any subsequent calls made should they choose to stay on.


      I did note that we had accumulating Errored Seconds on the module ports that housed the voice PRI's which seemed to cease once i changed the Primary Timing and Secondary Timing ( they were miss-configured for internal ).   Short or replacing the entire unit i not sure what else to look at.   Any help would be appreciated. 


      Boot ROM Rev is A.01 07/29/02

      t1/pri modules are 1200185L3 rev A

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          patrick Employee

          It almost sounds like the PBX isn't releasing the E&M channel when a call is hung up. If the E&M channel is hung up, then the associated PRI call should be released as well - and vice versa.


          This can be a difficult issue to trouble-shoot. Since you don't know which channel any of the calls are on, you'll have to set up the ATLAS to log the events, and then set up a Syslog Server to save it to a file on your PC.


          Although the "Adtran Utilities" are no longer available or supported (it was written for Windows 95) the ATLAS configuration in this guide goes through configuring the ATLAS: https://supportforums.adtran.com/docs/DOC-1391


          Under the SYSTEM CONFIG you can go into EVENT LOGGING and you'll want to set the following events to INFO:


          ISDN Events

          DP Outgoing Signalling


          You may also want to set ISDN L2 FORMATTED to INFO, but this is VERY verbose, and if you don't need the ISDN D-channel message details, then it hopefully won't be needed.


          On the E&M T1, the Robbed Bit Signaling (RBS) will be displayed as TxABCD and RxABCD, and should be either 00 or 0F for all zeros or 1111. The "Tx" and "Rx" is with respect to the ATLAS. So if it shows RxABCD: 0f and TxABCD: 00, then the PBX has seized the channel and should be sending the DTMF digits to dial. If the RxABCD: 0f and TxABCD: 0f then the call has been answered. After this, if the Tx or Rx changes to "00" then one side or the other has hung up the call, and the other should then go to "00".

          (I may have the Rx/Tx order backwards, but it is still with respect to the ATLAS - either the ATLAS is transmitting, or receiving the change.)


          Hope this helps,


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              ivan68 New Member

              Thanks for the info Patrick!  Unfortunately setting up logging is not an option at the moment.  There is no PBX so to speak, only a RHINO CB-24-FXS-UNIV ( channelbank ).  It is only providing dial tone to a bunch of manually dialed 2500 push button sets. I'm not ruling out the RHINO, however, it has no real PBX capabilities. Each of the 23 phones are directly connected 1 to 1 to each of the RHINO's 23 or the 24 channels ( don't use the 24th channel on the user side since the PRI has only 23 b channels ) .  The only way the call is "unpinned" is by either soft resetting the Adtran or changing the switch type on the PRI setttings to drop the D channel and then changing it back.  This problem has popped up in 2 locations, one using an 830 and the other an 890, both with AT&T pri's.   It is a cookie cutter setup and we don't have the issue in other sites which is why I am worried it is hardware related or some incompatibility due to the age of the equipment with AT&T's network.   Again, the most alarming is the conferencing / 3 way calling that is randomly occurring considering neither the Adtran nor the RHINO is capable of such a feature.