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    SNMP polling for n-Command

    bknight New Member

      [Sorry for posting this in the wrong space.  I cannot post to n-Command for some reason]


      All, I am attempting to configure our Adtran n-Command (VMware Appliance) server for SNMP.


      Under the Settings > SNMP Configuration, I have added my correct NMS IP, along with the correct SNMP version and community.


      Oddly, the port shows "162" which is the port for SNMP traps, not queries.


      There is a firewall in between, but the firewall is configured to permit this traffic.


      I have a packet capture running on the firewall interface to which n-Command is connected.  When I query the n-Command via SNMP from my NMS, I see the query packet accepted by the firewall policy and forwarded to the n-Command server.  I do not see any replies from the n-Command server.


      Does n-Command support SNMP queries coming from an NMS?