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    Telnet Connection Problems

    bobbyj New Member


      I have read others having this issue? Not for sure what more can be done!


      The 6 Adtran MX2800’s at Columbus Ohio Downtown location and the two at New Albany Ohio Location are having the same connection problems “Cannot Telnet into MX2800’s”. As far as I know this issue is companywide!


      Error we get when trying to Telnet into MX2800,s     (The remote system refused the connection)   <<--  MX2800 is refusing connection!


      What do we know or tried,


      1. Keeping A or B controller Active did not fix the issue
      2. Forcing switch protection by removing active card allows Telnet Access (for a while)
      3. Using craft serial port and preforming protection switch allows Telnet Access (for a while)
      4. Different Loads not the problem (Some are on LOAD 3.10a and 3.42a, BOOT 2.10a and 2.20a)
      5. Forcing Cisco ports = Speed 10, Half Duplex did not resolve issue
      6. Cisco Switch (Cisco WS-C3560-48PS) working fine with other Manufacture equipment (No connecting problems ever occurring)
      7. No AEP Security being implemented on these Cisco ports 
      8. Happening on two different Cisco switches
      9. Using 5 port TrendNet Dumb switch connected to Cisco WS-C3560-48PS  (between Cisco and MX2800) did not fix issue
      10. Passes pin


      anyone else having this problem ?


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          jayh Hall_of_Fame

          These devices only allow one active telnet connection at a time. Make sure that you log out when finished. Also, if the unit is exposed to the Internet, limit management access to trusted hosts. Configuration screen, list the trusted hosts on option 11, then enable security on option 10.

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              bobbyj New Member



              Once I preform protection switch to gain access back into the MX2800’s - (sometimes I can login/log out – for minutes, days or week before telnet locks back up). Though I have been logging out properly the system is set to log out after 15 minutes of inactivity.


              The system is not exposed to the internet “Only Network within AEP”,