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    2 Separate PRIs on one Adtran 908e

    cbraus New Member

      I am trying to configure 2 separate customer's PRIs to function off of the 2 PRI ports of a single adtran in a multiple business environment, but having issues with all of the calls routing to the first PRI since both of them have the same SIP binding. Is it possible in the configuration to have the call roll to the second customer's PRI if the authentication fails on the first?

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          jayh Hall_of_Fame

          Authenticate to the single SIP trunk locally on the TA908e itself.


          Create two voice trunks, one for each PRI.


          Create two voice grouped-trunks, one for each customer, and include the respective PRI in each.


          Populate each grouped-trunk with the digit patterns for that customer's numbers.




          voice trunk T01 type isdn

            description "Cust1-tk"

            connect isdn-group 1


          voice trunk T02 type isdn

            description "Cust2-tk"

            connect isdn-group 2


          voice grouped-trunk cust1-tg

            trunk T01

            accept 311-555-01XX


          voice grouped-trunk cust2-tg

            trunk T02

            accept 311-555-02XX


          You may need to tweak the number patterns if your SIP carrier sends a leading 1, etc.