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    Does the 908e support mf signalling?

    adtech New Member

      ATT is providing an inbound T1 with MF signalling. Does the 908e support MF signalling?


      T1 Signalling Flow from ATTL


      ---> SEIZE

      <--- WINK

      ---> KP  NPA NXX-XXXX ST

      <--- ANSWER


      ---> From ATT

      <--- From Total Access


        KP = start of pulsing signal = 11 (*)

        ST = end of pulsing signal   = 12 (#)

        NPA NXX-XXXX = Phone number


      Thanks in adance

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          jayh Hall_of_Fame

          MF signaling is not available on the TA900. The tones used for MF signaling are different from standard DTMF (touchtone).


          I haven't used MF signaling since....  Well, look closely at my avatar. :-)


          That's an old-school robbed-bit wink-start T1. If you can get AT&T to change it to DTMF the TA900 will happily support it.