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    Adtran 904 2nd Gen cannot upgrade beyond T900G2A-A4-09-00-E.biz

    adtran-fanboy New Member

      Old Adtran 904 2ndGen had T900G2A-A4-08-00-E.biz firmware, which I was able to upgrade to T900G2A-A4-09-00-E.biz.  I am not able to upgrade to anything higher that is available, so I tried using T900G2A-R10-9-5-E.biz, which failed (see below).  How can I get this unit upgraded?  Eventually want to upgrade to the latest, R13.5.2



      Verifying images. Please wait...

      Unknown header version, ignoring...

      Bad file signature.

      'T900G2A-R10-9-5-E.biz' is not a valid image.

      Primary image error.  Primary boot configuration not updated!!!

      Reverting to primary image "T900G2A-A4-09-00-E.biz"

      Primary image: T900G2A-A4-09-00-E.biz

      Backup image:  T900G2A-A4-09-00-E.biz



      The boot ROM that is on this unit is the same as on other 9XX units that we have and they have newer firmware on them.


      Hardware version A

      Boot ROM version 14.04.00