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    How do I do a packet-capture of the SIP/RTP data off the VPN endpoint in the TA900 ?

    foip_wiz New Member

      I have a TA900 Gen3 that we are connecting via a VPN to a SIP Server.

      I have a VPN using the WAN interface as the endpoint to an endpoint just prior to the SIP Server.

      I have a private IP subnet (/30) on a loopback interface in the TA900, the gateway on the SIP server. for the endpoints for SIP/RTP traffic.

      (voice handoff to PBX is a PRI off the TA900).


      I need to do a packet-capture of the data before it is sent over the VPN and after it is received from the VPN within the TA900 device.


      I added a packet-capture to the loopback interface but it is not capturing any data.


      Is there a way to do a packet-capture after the data is extracted from the VPN in the same device(TA900)?