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    How do I allow a PRI DID to forward to answering service. Using Registered SIP trunk but the outgoing call shows call rejected in debugs

    bou401 New Member

      we are using a registered SIP trunk for incoming and outgoing calls to a PRI.  All calls are working as expected except when they forward the main TN on their phone system to the answering service. I see

      incoming call as normal but the attempt to dial out includes the following


      95 Cause:21 (CALL_REJECTED) and disconnect


      On the Meta (carrier)  traces, I see an incoming message with a SIP 500 internal error from the adtran. The outgoing call record on the ISDN has my incoming number as well as the number we are forwarding to and does not include the original number dialed for incoming.


      This adtran was recently converted from a configured sip binding with a trusted ip to a registered binding. Before this conversion, all was working



      TA908e 3rd gen